Fractional cio

About Us


  • Fractional CIO has helped several SME’s by rendering growth hacking solution
  • We analyse the hurdles which are hindering your business growth and deliver right solutions as per your business vision
  • We implement the End-to-End Systematical change of your operations according to the risk priority and guide your business on the road to success
  • You get a “client side” service, from a renowned Consultant who advices, typically to the Top level Management or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the IT team.


Fractional CIO supports companies to resolve complex IT problems with its dynamic techniques and tools. Technology is evolving day by day leaving many problems behind. There is no proven strategy exist as solutions need to be formulated with respect to the present conditions. Here at Fractional CIO innovation couples with experience. We align business and IT strategies, architectures, manage complex business IT transformations, optimizing IT performance and managing IT costs, and other needful actions to achieve your desired business results.

As our client, you get our dedicated support to exploit Information Technology (IT) to achieve your business goals. Here

Fractional CIO is independent of vendors, specific technologies or application packages. We do have an extensive database of major IT vendors and we offer unbiased recommendations in choosing the best who are in line with the client’s objectives.


“Mr. Krishna Mekala” A Renowned IT Consultant with a rich expertise in IT Services, dealt several government projects, Former Founder & CEO of 2 companies, famous for handling operations concurrently, with a track record of 40%+ increase in turnover every year. Independently completed several SAP IT Infrastructure projects and Industrial automation projects, for many clients.

Made companies to be the alliance partner of National Instruments (USA), Legrand, Crestron USA, Cognex and Philips Dynalight. Possess rich IT experience in Banking, Retail, Textile, Jewelry, Nuclear and Chemical Industries.


21+ years of experience in deploying IT development projects for Industrial, BMS and Home Automation, Big Corporates, Banks and Financial institutions, Departmental stores, Textile Industries, Jewelry, Educational institution, Hospital, and Chemical industries.


  • Global Data Center Management
  • Network Administration
  • Hot Site & Disaster Management
  • Machine Vision Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • SLA Management
  • Data Acquisition
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Customized SCADA Application